Our   goal   is   customer   satisfaction.   We   are   committed   to   providing   an   excellent service   and   have   implemented   a   full   quality   assurance   system.   The   Thistle Testing   Ltd.   management   will   continually   improve   the   effectiveness   of   the quality    system    within    the    confines    of    the    international    standard    ISO/IEC 17025:2017.   The   Laboratory   staff   are   fully   competent   in   using   the   quality system to ensure consistent testing results.

Health & Safety

Thinking   and   acting   safely   -   Thistle   Testing   Ltd.   is   committed   to   a   high   level   of health and safety.


Making   efficient   use   of   every   resource   we   consume   is   a   fundamental   factor   in our environmental strategy.

Equal Opportunities

We    are    committed    to    encouraging    and    ensuring    fairness    and    equality    of opportunity at all stages of employment, including recruitment.
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